How to Book an Event at TMoms

Q: so, uh, how do i book an event at tmoms?


A: it’s SO EASY to host an event at tattooed mom!! follow along below and come join our community of creative weirdos ASAP!





(pssssst: anyone can book an event at tmoms)




u just gotta send us an email at [email protected] (replies usually take no longer than 3 days!!!)




tweet, post, reel, go live, group chat, tiktok, eventbrite, etc… get UR event out in front of UR community & we’ll do the same!




my dude, how easy was that?? drag performancs, birthday parties, poetry, comedy, works in progress, art shows, we do it ALL baby (except live music performances, sorry bbs)



­> EMAIL US: [email protected] <


Photo Credits:
📷-1: Photo by Samantha Sayten featuring Ann Artist at SlayHer Heavy Metal Drag.
📷-2: Wheatpaste art by marisa velázquez-rivas.
📷-3: Photo by Uv Lucas featuring BTS footage from Rubber’s single, “Fries & Wings”, filmed at TMoms.
📷-4: Photo by Michael DiCioccio featuring Next In Line Comedy’s very own co-host, Manny Brown.

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Gift Cards from Tattooed Mom



Looking for a gift for your close friend, loved one, life partner, or Secret Santa? Then look no further and give the gift of Tattooed Mom this holiday season! I mean, who DOESN’T want the promise of future tater tots, soon-to-be-sammies, and “can’t hardly wait” cocktails and beers??


Grab an E-Gift Card from Tattooed Mom or stop by for a physical card (also available via mail—just give us a call)! Perfect for gifting of all kinds, supporting your community, or just TREATING YOURSELF!


❤ Love & Good Times Always 💚

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AWP at TMoms

We’ve got all our chapbooks in a row, which means it’s time for AWP at TMoms! The Association of Writers and Writing Programs rotates its yearly conference, and this year is Philadelphia’s turn! Join us for offsite readings Wednesday, March 23rd through Saturday, March 26th, featuring familiar faces, future friends, and tons & tons of writers!


Want to know more about offsite readings at Tattooed Mom? All readings are free to attend, 21+ w/ valid ID, and proof of vaccination required. Here’s our full schedule:


Wednesday, March 23rd

5pm – Peach x b l u s h: AWP Offsite Reading
7:30pm – You Can’t Kill A Poet: AWP Offsite Reading


Thursday, March 24th

6pm – Spalding MFA Reunion and Reading: AWP Offsite Event
8pm – Tire Fire & Mason Jar Press Present: AWP Offsite Reading
10pm – TriQuarterly & Southeast Review: AWP Offsite Reading


Friday, March 25th

6pm – The Illibuck Reading: AWP Offsite Event
8pm – Second Acts: AWP Offsite Reading


Saturday, March 26th

3pm – ?th Annual Rock and Roll Reading: AWP Offsite Event

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TMoms Valentine’s 2022

Roses are red…

Violets are blue…

You like your crush…

And they like you too 💕


Too simple? OK, maybe you’ve decided to stick with your girls, gays, & theys this Valentine’s Day. Or you’ve committed to loving yourself this year. Possibly you’re nervously checking your phone to see if that “special someone” has texted you back yet???



Sounds like you need…

Tattooed Mom Valentines


A TMoms Valentine for every occasion! Download them all for FREE below! Swap and share ’em with all your best buds! Foster emotional vulnerability with your favorite people! And don’t forget to save a little love for yourself this VDay <3






Tutu Mary’s x Philly Vegan Restaurant Week Sammy Special

It’s tasty! It’s vegan! It’s—excuse my language—absolutely THICC! Celebrate Philly Vegan Restaurant Week with an extra special vegan sammy from TMoms’ very own Tutu Mary! Inspired by the IRL Tutu Mary & served with lots of vegan Hawaiian love!

Tutu Mary’s Vegan Mochiko Chickn Sammy

PVRW x Tutu Mary’s Sammy Special
• Vegan Mochiko Chickn •
• Hawaiian Mac Salad •
• Gochujang Aioli •
• Su-miso Sauce •
• Piled up high on a Brioche Bun •


Available for pick-up, dining in, or delivery Monday 9/27 – Friday, 10/1 (while supplies last each day)!

ALSO: Grab an Aloha Maid Guava Nectar with your Tutu Mary Sammy! Limited time only (Made in Hawaii)!


Want more PVRW x TMoms? Check out our special Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch, available Sunday, 9/26!

Tutu Mary logo designed by Mellow Gold Studio.

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TMoms Astrology

⁂ What’s your star sign?? I wanna see if our stars are crossed ⁂

Discover your TMoms Astrology!

Not sure what you signs are?
Your birth date determines your SUN sign.
Your full birth date, birth place, and time of birth determine your MOON sign.
Your time of birth determines your RISING sign, also know as your Ascendant.
You can find your full birth chart here or here.


Aries | TaurusGemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces


Aries — ♈️: March 21 – April 19

Taurus — ♉️: April 20 – May 20

Gemini — ♊️: May 21 – June 20

Cancer — ♋️: June 21 – July 22

Leo — ♌️: July 23 – August 22

Virgo — ♍️: August 23 – September 22

Libra — ♎️: September 23 – October 22

Scorpio — ♏️: October 23 – November 21

Sagittarius — ♐️: November 22 – December 21

Capricorn — ♑️: December 22 – January 19

Aquarius — ♒️: January 20 – February 18

Pisces — ♓️: February 19 – March 20

Secret Menu Item: The Thunderbolt ft. Vegan Updog

What’s UPDOG Philadelphia??? Meet our brand new secret menu item from TMoms x Upton’s Naturals:

The Thunderbolt

 Vegan Updog by Upton’s Naturals  <
>  Housemade Vegan Meaty Chili  <
Crisp Dill Pickle & Pepper Relish  <
>  Yellow Mustard  <

This special is retired. Every order included a coupon for $1 off a package of Updogs, redeemable locally with our BFFs at V Marks The Shop & with other fine grocers.

Visit us for bar hangs, bumper cars, and indoor dining on our 2nd floor (21+)!
Order online or call for Curbside Pickup! Order IRL at our Walk-up Window! Local delivery available via CaviarDoorDash & Grubhub!

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Welcome Back to TMoms!

Be still, beating hearts: Tattooed Mom is open indoors on both floors again! We missed y’all SO much, and we have so much catching up to do—walls to draw on, special moments to celebrate, dum dums to enjoy, chilled drinks to sip, tots to scarf down… AND MORE TO COME! Let’s not waste any more time. Here’s what’s up at TMoms:



Monday – Thursday 4-11pm • Friday & Saturday 12pm-2am • Sunday 12-11pm



no rules when ur drinkin moms mules


*screams in vegan*


it’s a cosmo, with ~cotton candy~


cheese tots > everything


blast off with a fizzy pop rocket!


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Mother’s Day 2021

In the words of the modern philosopher Beyonce, “Who run the world? Girls“—and honestly, where is the lie? Every single day mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and other maternal figures wake up & choose to make the world go round.


For Mother’s Day 2021, we wanted to honor the hard work of all mothers & maternal figures by spotlighting a few mother-run organizations that are doing vital work in our communities:

  • People’s Paper Co-op – A women led, women focused, women powered art and advocacy project. (Artwork pictured, Created by Mary Tremonte)
  • Mama’s Bail Out Day / Decarcerate PA – The local chapter of a national movement to give incarcerated mothers an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families.
  • Mothers In Charge – A violence prevention, education and intervention-based organization that advocates for and supports those affected by violence.
  • Oshun Family Center – Providing racially concordant care to members of the Black community that are struggling to cope with life transitions, especially those impacted by postpartum mood changes, birth, and racial trauma.
  • Rae’s Roots – A wellness tea company for mothers, founded by a Chinese American mother.


Assorted artwork on the front windows of Tattooed Mom, featuring several pieces from The People’s Paper Co-op’s “Free Out Mothers” Poster Series.


PS. A mom can also be a place you go to eat & drink, where you feel safe & loved :’) Hint hint, it’s Tattooed Mom, and we love you <3


Tmoms May 2021 Events

It’s getting warmer! The sun is shining!! The birds are have stopped singing and started joining screamo bands?!? But most importantly: Tmoms is serving up NEW YUMMY TREATS every week this month!


Tmoms is still here, 7 days a week, 365! Order online for pick-up, come thru our walk-up window, or order local delivery via CaviarDoorDash & Grubhub!


Want event more Tmoms? Here’s some exciting things we’re cooking up for the month of May:


Sunday 5/2, 9:30am – 2pm

Headhouse Farmers Market

Headhouse Shambles // 2nd & Lombard


Saturday 5/8, 12 – 4pm

Shambles Saturday Market

Headhouse Shambles // 2nd & Lombard


Tmoms Dad RP at the Headhouse Farmers Market.


Sunday 5/16, 12 – 9pm

Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch (Pre-orders open 5/9)

Tattooed Mom // 530 South Street


Sunday 5/23, 12 – 9 pm

Crucial BBQ Vegan Feast (Pre-orders open 5/17)

Tattooed Mom // 530 South Street


Portrait of Chubbrock by Milton Lindsay for Grid Magazine.


» Open 7 days a week «

M – Th: 4 – 9 pm
Fri – Sun: 12 – 9pm