Mother’s Day 2021

In the words of the modern philosopher Beyonce, “Who run the world? Girls“—and honestly, where is the lie? Every single day mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, and other maternal figures wake up & choose to make the world go round.


For Mother’s Day 2021, we wanted to honor the hard work of all mothers & maternal figures by spotlighting a few mother-run organizations that are doing vital work in our communities:

  • People’s Paper Co-op – A women led, women focused, women powered art and advocacy project. (Artwork pictured, Created by Mary Tremonte)
  • Mama’s Bail Out Day / Decarcerate PA – The local chapter of a national movement to give incarcerated mothers an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families.
  • Mothers In Charge – A violence prevention, education and intervention-based organization that advocates for and supports those affected by violence.
  • Oshun Family Center – Providing racially concordant care to members of the Black community that are struggling to cope with life transitions, especially those impacted by postpartum mood changes, birth, and racial trauma.
  • Rae’s Roots – A wellness tea company for mothers, founded by a Chinese American mother.


Assorted artwork on the front windows of Tattooed Mom, featuring several pieces from The People’s Paper Co-op’s “Free Out Mothers” Poster Series.


PS. A mom can also be a place you go to eat & drink, where you feel safe & loved :’) Hint hint, it’s Tattooed Mom, and we love you <3


Tmoms May 2021 Events

It’s getting warmer! The sun is shining!! The birds are have stopped singing and started joining screamo bands?!? But most importantly: Tmoms is serving up NEW YUMMY TREATS every week this month!


Tmoms is still here, 7 days a week, 365! Order online for pick-up, come thru our walk-up window, or order local delivery via CaviarDoorDash & Grubhub!


Want event more Tmoms? Here’s some exciting things we’re cooking up for the month of May:


Sunday 5/2, 9:30am – 2pm

Headhouse Farmers Market

Headhouse Shambles // 2nd & Lombard


Saturday 5/8, 12 – 4pm

Shambles Saturday Market

Headhouse Shambles // 2nd & Lombard


Tmoms Dad RP at the Headhouse Farmers Market.


Sunday 5/16, 12 – 9pm

Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch (Pre-orders open 5/9)

Tattooed Mom // 530 South Street


Sunday 5/23, 12 – 9 pm

Crucial BBQ Vegan Feast (Pre-orders open 5/17)

Tattooed Mom // 530 South Street


Portrait of Chubbrock by Milton Lindsay for Grid Magazine.


» Open 7 days a week «

M – Th: 4 – 9 pm
Fri – Sun: 12 – 9pm

Tmoms April 2021 Events

Missing cozy afternoons on a comfy Tmoms couch? Yearning for tater tots & late night hangs in a bumper car? Fantasizing about sitting at the bar with less than 6ft between you and the rest of the world??


Tmoms is still here, 7 days a week, 365! Order online for pick-up, come thru our walk-up window, or order local delivery via CaviarDoorDash & Grubhub!


Want event more Tmoms? Here’s some exciting things we’re cooking up for the month of April:


Saturday 4/10, 12 – 4pm

Shambles Saturday Market

Headhouse Shambles // 2nd & Lombard




Sunday 4/18, 12 – 9pm (POSTPONED due to maintenance)

Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch (Pre-orders open 4/13)

Tattooed Mom // 530 South Street




Sunday 4/25, 12 – 9 pm (POSTPONED due to maintenance)

Crucial BBQ Vegan Feast (Pre-orders open 4/19)

Tattooed Mom // 530 South Street


The Giveback Six Pack

Snag a can or 6-pack of Love City’s Unity IPA from TMoms & a portion from every purchase will support local restaurants while also feeding our community. 


All funds will go to purchase gift cards from local independent restaurants (BIPOC, women & LGBTQAI+ owned to the front).


City Wide! Mutual Aid will distribute restaurant gift cards for hot fresh meals to those in need.


Keep it Philly. Keep it Unity.


Not local? Don’t drink? Still want to help in other ways? Direct donations are appreciated & should be sent directly City Wide! Mutual Aid.


Venmo: @Jenna-Brower⁣
CashApp: $CityWideMutualAid


Stay tuned—Crucial BBQ returns May 23!

Crucial BBQ is back—and this time you don’t have to share!

Introducing TMoms To Go Crucial BBQ our monthly vegan feast platter for one 🙂


Mom’s last Crucial BBQ platter included:
▸  Tandoori Sweet Potato Wings with Curry Ranch dipping sauce ◂
▸ BBQ Cauliflower with Pickled Green Onions ◂
▸ Creamy Mac & Cheese ◂
▸ & Chubb’s Spicy Collard Greens ◂

Soy & nut free // All except Mac & Cheese gluten free


May pre-orders open 5/17
May pick-up 5/23, 12 – 9PM

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TMoms To Go: Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch

Inroducing the newest (but eldest) member of the Tmoms fam—Tutu Mary! A traditional Hawaiian plate lunch with a totally vegan & totally tasty TMoms To Go spin!

Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch

May’s Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch will include:
▸ Vegan Teriyaki Beef  ◂
▸ Housemade Macaroni Salad ◂
▸ Nishiki White Rice with Furikake ◂
▸ & Local Kimchi from BAP

“Tutu” means Grandmother in Hawaiian, so this one is very near & dear to our hearts <3 And don’t worry: plate lunch isn’t just for lunch. Folks in Hawaii eat it for breakfast, dinner, & as a late night snack, too!

ALSO: grab a Hawaiian Sun Pass-o-Guava Nectar on Tutu Mary Sunday (Made in Hawaii)!

Logo designed by Mellow Gold Studio.


May pre-orders open 5/9
May pick-up 5/16, 12 – 9PM

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Taco Tuesday at Tattooed Mom!

[[[triumphant horn noises]]]


May’s EXCLUSIVE Taco Tuesday combo includes (3) hard shell tacos with:

▸ Vegan coriander & pepper spiced lamb ◂
▸ Fresh tomato & cucumber salad ◂
▸ & Halal cart white sauce ◂
PLUS: Your choice of a Mexican Coke or Tecate ◂

Available via our online store or walk-up window.

Delivery via DoordashCaviar & Grubhub (sorry no drink combo with delivery).

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TMoms Valentines

Still searching for a valentine?


Craving the emotional comfort of another human being?


Dying to confess your feelings to your crush?!?


Ready to say “fuck it” and resign to being alone forever????!!


Sounds like you need …

Tattooed Mom Valentines

A valentine for every occasion! Download them all for FREE below! Share them with your pals (especially the cute ones). We officially DARE you to send one to your crush. And above all else, make sure you save a little love for yourself <3








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Why We Vote: Resources for a Better Future

UPDATE, 10/24/20: Election Day is just around the corner. To help, we’ve added a few important resources: A Closer Look at the Philadelphia Ballot (jump to section), Voting In Person During COVID-19 (jump to section), and Preparing for Election Day: Projections, Predictions, & Election Results (jump to section).



As part of our ongoing commitment towards conscientious activism and anti-racism, TMoms will be using this space, as well as our social media pages, to aggregate resources & information regarding:

No radical movement begins or ends with voting, but voting is a necessary & individual choice with a complicated historical significance. Voting is a privilege, and we must use that privilege along with activism & community care to help the most vulnerable among us.


This space is a work in progress. If you’d like to bring additional resources to our attention, feel free to email us.


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Secret Menu Item: Nashville Hot Chicken Jawn

Drop it like its HOTTT ❤️  Our new SECRET MENU SAMMY is SPICY & SLAMMIN’ GOOD !

Nashville Hot Chicken Jawn Combo

▸ Classic or Vegan Nashville Hot Chicken ◂
▸ Dill Pickles ◂
▸ Red Onions ◂
▸ Lemon Pepper Mayo ◂
▸ piled high on a fresh brioche bun ◂
▸ PLUS: Your choice of any of any Mom’s fries or tots! ◂

Order online or call for Curbside Pickup! Mask up to order IRL at our Walk-up Window! Local delivery available via Caviar and DoorDash!

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