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Upstairs @ TMoms


Two Brothers & 5000 Umbrellas

The birth of the upstairs as a vibrant art space is in part tied to a 1999 exhibition by brothers Noah & Nathan Rice. That year the Brothers Rice brought their umbrella wheat pastes we’d been admiring around South Street to Mom’s. All 5000 of them.


Tmoms Sticky Art Machine

Sticker art has been an important part of the upstairs at Mom’s since day one. So it’s a huge honor (and a lot of fun) to be the home of the Sticky Art Machine.

Get Sticky

Tattooed Mom is a gathering place for fun. Located on South Street, it’s the perfect spot for a casual lunch, dinner, or late night snack with a yummy bar menu, creative cocktails & local draft beers. Celebrating 22 years of love & good times!

Food & Drink

News & Events

While we’re all staying close to home and practicing social distancing you, still get your fill of Tattooed Mom’s delicious food and drink with TMOMs To-Go! Curbside pick-up! No contact! Local delivery! River to river, Race to McKean! Special sammy combos + some comfort food faves! BRAND NEW Tmoms To Go vegan Chubb’s Tubbs—great for meal […]

Want to support TMOMs during the on-going crisis? Give your future self the gift of future snacks with an E-Gift Card from Tattooed Mom! Perfect for virtual gifting, supporting your community, & TREATING YOURSELF!   Until we are able to fully re-open, 100% of sales will be donated to the Tattooed Mom staff. 💕   [Author’s Note: I […]

We’re stoked to introduce our new TMOMs Staff Picks Interview Series! Get to know the TMOMs crew with weird & wacky, rapid & random questions—featuring a new staff member every month! *** Name: Ryan Chubbrock TMOMs Title: Village Idiot (Self-appointed) Pronouns: He/him *** Q: What shirt are you wearing? A: Black velour track suit top. Embroidered […]

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