GrimGrimGrim x TMoms Artist Edition Tee


Catch this limited edition tee by Philly graphic designer & printmaker GrimGrimGrim.

We’re stoked to be able to share a piece of his wearable art with you.




The TMoms GrimGrimGrim tee shirt is available NOW online for pick or shipping or IRL at Tattooed Mom.

Printed in white on a black tee in a full range of sizes.

Artist Series limited edition run, so don’t sleep!




Open Call For Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue: An International Wheatpaste Show


We’re thrilled to announce the call for submissions for Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue: An International Wheatpaste Show presented by Tattooed Mom & Doomed Future happening on June 14, 2024 in Philadelphia.


We love the vibrant community of wheatpaste artists that meet, exchange ideas, and leave behind tokens of their amazing art here at Tattooed Mom. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue celebrates that community and reaches out to artists all over the world to show their best paste up art in our first ever wheatpaste show.


wheatpaste by Robots Will Kill x Gloopy Goblin

All are welcome to contribute to the show. First time artists will be shown side by side with seasoned icons of the street art world. Here’s a few submission details:


All work must not exceed 36″ x 48″ but work of any size less than the maximum dimensions are welcome.

• Work made of multiple smaller sheets must be pre-assembled into a whole single piece (larger pieces can be folded or rolled for transit).

• We’d like to be able to display ALL the work submitted so please limit your submission to a maximum of 5 of your very best pieces.

Please include an artist credit ( @ instagram handle or artist name ) with your work. The credit does not need to appear directly on the work but should be included with the submission package unless you want to submit and show your work anonymously.


Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2024.

Please drop off your wheatpaste art in person at:

Tattooed Mom

530 South Street in Philadelphia


or mail your submission to:

Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

614 S. 4th Street


Philadelphia, PA 19147


wheatpaste by Void Skulls

The wheatpastes will be displayed in a show at Tattooed Mom on Friday June 14th from 5pm – 2am.  All wheatpastes will be collaged onto the walls of the 2nd floor of Tattooed Mom by a crew of local paste up artists. The more submissions, the more the walls get pasted. Stay tuned for more show details and rad surprises.


We hope you will share your wheatpaste art with us and the world through Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue, and spread the word about this show to your fellow artists, friends, and family. The creative exchange and collaboration of this show is at the very heart of what we love to do most here at Mom’s.


For more information feel free to contact us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram.


wheatpaste by City Kitty & Lungebox

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TMoms Valentines 2024

Whether you’re madly in love, stuffing your face with candy hearts, or curating the world’s longest block list—it sounds like you need…

💋 Tattooed Mom Valentines 💋


A Valentine for every occasion (especially our Halloween 365 crew)! Download them all for FREE below! Share them with your crush or hand ’em out like trading cards to all your favorite people. But most importantly, show yourself a little love this VDay! ❤


Artwork by @sc0wll.


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A Note About Accessibility at Tattooed Mom:

Due to the construction of our historical building, Tattooed Mom is only partially accessible. Our entrance way consists of one door forward followed by an immediate door to the right, leading into our downstairs bar. There’s (1) medium-sized step up through the first door. For folks using wheelchairs and mobility aids, we have a ramp we can lay down to help you access all parts of our first floor. Additionally, when weather permits during the warmer months, our front windows turn into an accordion door which has a larger step up but is a wider entrance point.

Our event space is on the second floor, which is only accessible via a flight of stairs (20 steps, 3 feet wide, railing on the left side only). The stairs lead into our upstairs front room, where art shows are held. Our main event space is located at the back of the second floor. There are (3) steps down to the middle room that holds our upstairs bar (metal railing available), and (2) additional steps up (no railing) leading to the upstairs back room through a doorway.

There are two all gender bathrooms on the first floor, one with a toilet and urinal, and one with only a toilet. The further bathroom is slightly larger, and both bathrooms are accessible via (1) step up midway through the dining room. For folks using wheelchairs and mobility aids, our front door ramp can also be used to access the back of our dining room/first floor bathrooms. There are two bathrooms in the upstairs back room, one with a toilet and urinal, and one with two stalls with a toilet in each. When facing the upstairs bathrooms, the bathroom to the right (with the toilet and urinal) is larger and more accessible.

If you have any questions regarding accessibility at Tattooed Mom, please reach out to our Experience Curator, Sarah, who is also a mobility aid user. You may reach them via email at [email protected].


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Tis The Damn Season Holiday Cocktail at TMoms




Sailor Jerry rum + Crème de menthe + Crème de Cocao
Coconut milk + Orange Juice + Pineapple Juice
Topped with Nutmeg, Fresh mint, & a Maraschino cherry

Available 12/15 – 1/1
Only at Tattooed Mom!!



What’s Up at TMoms:

• Daily Happy Hour | All drafts are just $4 every day from 4-6pm!

• Daily Menu | Tattooed Mom will also be serving tasty eats and ice cold drinks all evening.

• Upstairs dining, bar access, and event entry is 21+ w/ valid ID.

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How to Book an Event at TMoms

Q: so, uh, how do i book an event at tmoms?


A: it’s SO EASY to host an event at tattooed mom!! follow along below and come join our community of creative weirdos ASAP!





(pssssst: anyone can book an event at tmoms)




u just gotta send us an email at [email protected] (replies usually take no longer than 3 days!!!)




tweet, post, reel, go live, group chat, tiktok, eventbrite, etc… get UR event out in front of UR community & we’ll do the same!




my dude, how easy was that?? drag performancs, birthday parties, poetry, comedy, works in progress, art shows, we do it ALL baby (except live music performances, sorry bbs)



­> EMAIL US: [email protected] <


Photo Credits:
📷-1: Photo by Samantha Sayten featuring Ann Artist at SlayHer Heavy Metal Drag.
📷-2: Wheatpaste art by marisa velázquez-rivas.
📷-3: Photo by Uv Lucas featuring BTS footage from Rubber’s single, “Fries & Wings”, filmed at TMoms.
📷-4: Photo by Michael DiCioccio featuring Next In Line Comedy’s very own co-host, Manny Brown.

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Gift Cards from Tattooed Mom



Looking for a gift for your close friend, loved one, life partner, or Secret Santa? Then look no further and give the gift of Tattooed Mom this holiday season! I mean, who DOESN’T want the promise of future tater tots, soon-to-be-sammies, and “can’t hardly wait” cocktails and beers??


Grab an E-Gift Card from Tattooed Mom or stop by for a physical card (also available via mail—just give us a call)! Perfect for gifting of all kinds, supporting your community, or just TREATING YOURSELF!


❤ Love & Good Times Always 💚

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AWP at TMoms

We’ve got all our chapbooks in a row, which means it’s time for AWP at TMoms! The Association of Writers and Writing Programs rotates its yearly conference, and this year is Philadelphia’s turn! Join us for offsite readings Wednesday, March 23rd through Saturday, March 26th, featuring familiar faces, future friends, and tons & tons of writers!


Want to know more about offsite readings at Tattooed Mom? All readings are free to attend, 21+ w/ valid ID, and proof of vaccination required. Here’s our full schedule:


Wednesday, March 23rd

5pm – Peach x b l u s h: AWP Offsite Reading
7:30pm – You Can’t Kill A Poet: AWP Offsite Reading


Thursday, March 24th

6pm – Spalding MFA Reunion and Reading: AWP Offsite Event
8pm – Tire Fire & Mason Jar Press Present: AWP Offsite Reading
10pm – TriQuarterly & Southeast Review: AWP Offsite Reading


Friday, March 25th

6pm – The Illibuck Reading: AWP Offsite Event
8pm – Second Acts: AWP Offsite Reading


Saturday, March 26th

3pm – ?th Annual Rock and Roll Reading: AWP Offsite Event

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TMoms Valentine’s 2022

Roses are red…

Violets are blue…

You like your crush…

And they like you too 💕


Too simple? OK, maybe you’ve decided to stick with your girls, gays, & theys this Valentine’s Day. Or you’ve committed to loving yourself this year. Possibly you’re nervously checking your phone to see if that “special someone” has texted you back yet???



Sounds like you need…

Tattooed Mom Valentines


A TMoms Valentine for every occasion! Download them all for FREE below! Swap and share ’em with all your best buds! Foster emotional vulnerability with your favorite people! And don’t forget to save a little love for yourself this VDay <3