TMoms To Go: Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch

Tutu Mary is coming back to Tmoms on 3/21! Stay tuned for pre-order info!


Introducing the newest (but eldest) member of the Tmoms fam—Tutu Mary! A traditional Hawaiian plate lunch with a totally vegan & totally tasty TMoms To Go spin!

Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch

Our first Tutu Mary’s Plate Lunch included:
▸  Vegan Japanese Chickn Katsu ◂
▸  Housemade Macaroni Salad ◂
▸  Nishiki White Rice with Furikake ◂
▸  & Local Kimchi from BAP

“Tutu” means Grandmother in Hawaiian, so this one is very near & dear to our hearts <3 And don’t worry: plate lunch isn’t just for lunch. Folks in Hawaii eat it for breakfast, dinner, & as a late night snack, too!

ALSO: Only available on Tutu Mary days, Hawaiian Sun Lilikoi Juice (passionfruit) (((from Hawaii))!

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