Girl Scout Cookies at Tattooed Mom!

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season once again, and Tattooed Mom is your one-stop-shop for love, good times, and delicious COOKIES! Stop by our downstairs dining room on the following dates & stock up on your favorite Girl Scout cookies, including VEGAN options, from a local South Philly Girl Scout troop!


✿ Sunday, January 19th, 1-4pm ✿
✿ Saturday, January 25th, 1-4pm ✿
✿ Sunday, February 2nd, 1-4pm ✿


When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you power amazing adventures and life-changing opportunities for girls year-round—from trips to our nation’s capital, to community projects, to summer camp, to charitable donations. The more cookies you buy, the more you help every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader) ™  build entrepreneurial skills and take the lead, both now and in the future. And girls gain these skills from interacting directly with you, the cookie customer! It’s about the experience of running her very own cookie sale, working with others, and building a lifetime of confidence as she learns five skills (goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics) essential to leadership, success, and life.


Enjoy FREE Sunday Arts & Crafts while you’re here, and dig into our full food & drink menu, including snacks, sandwiches, cocktails, and beer!

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Now Booking 2020 Events at Tattooed Mom!

Did y’all hear? IT’S ALREADY 2020! And with a new year comes new events at Tattooed Mom!

We’ve got art shows! Drag performances! Pop-up shops! Readings! Workshops! Sticker Swaps! Live podcasts! Comedy revues! Fundraisers! And we also want YOU!


Do you have an event that’s looking for a home? Are you itching to create something new? Do you want to show off your weird, wonderful, unique ideas? Are you working with creatives and building artistic communities? Do you want to host a fun & fantastic event at Tattooed Mom?!


Our calendar is now open for 2020 events, and we’re looking to work with artists, creators, writers, thespians, filmmakers, performers, activists, and other folks from the vast artistic unknown! Our goal is to foster & produce events that bring artists closer to the local community, while also providing a space for uninhibited expression & creativity!


Send us an email at [email protected]! Tell us all about your marvelous, stunning & super fun event ideas! We can’t wait to hear from you!


Photo from Sippin’ & Stitchin’s Patch Making Workshop.


Note: Unfortunately we cannot accommodate live music or DJs of any kind.

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TMoms To Go!

We’re beyond stoked to be able to share a bit of TMoms tasty goodness all over town with our Wraps on the Run and Chubbs Tubbs! Available at local independent businesses V Marks The Shop, Kensington Food Coop and Batter & Crumbs, our TMoms To Go line is a fun new way to take a little of that Tattooed Mom vegan deliciousness home with you while helping to support local businesses.


Our TMoms Vegan Wraps on the Run line include Fried Chickn Salad, Korean Beef, Black Bean & Corn, BBQ Chickn and more. And our new Chubbs Tubbs features many of the popular Wraps on the Run flavors to use on the go or at home in your own sandwiches, salads and stir fries plus vegan Toona Salad, Lemon Pepper Pasta Salad, Tandoori Hummus and more! Made fresh in house, all vegan and featuring new recipes exclusive to TMoms To Go, these wraps and salads put a fresh new convenient spin on some Tattooed Mom favorites. We can’t wait for you to try them & hope you’ll love Wraps On The Run & Chubbs Tubbs as much as we do!


Find Wraps On The Run and Chubbs Tubbs exclusively at:
V Marks The ShopKensington Food CoopBatter & Crumbs • and MORE locations SOON!



Streets Dept x Tattooed Mom Philly Street Art Interviews: Season 2 Recap

The Philly Street Art Interview Series is a flourishing collaboration between Philadelphia’s premiere street art blog, Streets Dept, and Philadelphia’s unofficial official street art museum, Tattooed Mom! Each month, Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale sits down with one local street artist to ask them about their work. Through this interview series, we’ll uncover & discover the growing community of street artists getting up around Philly and on the walls of Tattooed Mom.


The first interview of Season 2 featured the enigmatic, fan favorite street artist, Kid Hazo! Most known for his street sign installations and tongue-in-cheek performative pieces, Hazo’s comedic street style amassed him over 10,000 followers on Instagram & partnerships with local arts organizations and community groups, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

You can read Kid Hazo’s full interview here.


Next up was Under Water Pirates, one of the OG Philadelphia sticker artists & a recent contributor to Tattooed Mom’s Sticky Art Machine Series. In his interview, UWP opened up about his experiences as a street artist living with chronic illness. Chronic pain is what brought him to sticker art in the first place, and even when the pain is slowing him down, creating sticker art helps keeps him afloat.

You can read Under Water Pirates full interview here.


Symone Salib only recently took her art to the streets, but quickly experienced a meteoric rise, including multiple gallery shows, partnered displays, and a Queer Eye street art scavenger hunt in collaboration with fellow Season 2 artist, Lace in the Moon. Using art as a form of therapy, Symone highlights the stories and voices of those who need to be heard, including the black and brown trans activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera (paired with a Lizzo quote), and a dual portrait of Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford, accompanied by a banner reading, simply, “believe us.”

You can read Symone Salib’s full interview here.


Old-school graffiti writer turned abstract muralist Seper was the fourth interviewee of Season 2! After a tumultuous upbringing in the world of graffiti  & multiple run-ins with authority, Seper quit cold turkey when he got his first job. Eleven years later, he returned to street art after his daughter reignited his creative spark. Nowadays, he works with local Philly schools to inspire children & teach them about spray paint, and his explosive murals can be spotted far and wide across Philadelphia.

You can read Seper’s full interview here.


The second to last interview of Season 2 was with Morg, the recently revived toilet street artist! Submerged in the history of Philly sticker art, Morg started out at a 14 years old, and despite a few prolonged periods of inactivity, he has always come back to his trademark anthropomorphic toilet. Regardless of his initial crudeness—”[k]ind of awesomely crude”—his career as a street artist is full of nuanced conversations and jokes about ownership, public space, and the larger street art community.

You can read Morg’s full interview here.


The final artist of Season 2 was Lace in the Moon, a crochet street and installation artist who pushes the limits of street art through her unconventional medium. Nicole had just started using the name Lace in the Moon when the crocheted Taylor Swift lyrics that she installed on the street blew up across social media. One year later, crocheting is her full time job & she has installed artwork at Fashion District, Philadelphia International Airport, a tiny town in Italy, and of course, Tattooed Mom.

You can read Lace in the Moon’s full interview here, and keep up with the rest of the series on the Streets Dept blog!

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Now Booking Holiday Parties at Tattooed Mom!

Come one, come all! Tattooed Mom is now booking 2019 & early 2020 holiday parties!

Celebrate the holiday season with your friends, your family, your co-workers, and of course, with LOVE & GOOD TIMES ALWAYS!




Groups of all kinds & sizes welcome! Open bar & pre-purchase options available! Outside food & catering welcome! Email us at [email protected] for more information!




Note: Unfortunately we cannot accommodate live music or DJs of any kind.

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Philly Vegan Restaurant Week Fall 2019 Secret Menu Item!

Join us October 13th through 19th for the Fall Edition of Philly Vegan Restaurant Week! Tattooed Mom is serving up a VERY special & super secret menu item this year—and 20% of all sales for this savory, vegan sammy will be donated to Misfit Manor!

Beyond Mom’s Meatloaf Sammy

Mom’s Beyond beef meatloaf + Creamy mashed potatoes + Hearty mushroom gravy.

Available Sunday, 10/13 through Saturday, 10/19. Every sammy benefits animal welfare—20% of all sales of this sandwich will be donated to Misfit Manor!

Check out the PVRW Website and Facebook Event for more information on Philly Vegan Restaurant Week!

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TMOMs Artist Edition Tee: Rainey

This spring, Tattooed Mom celebrated 22 years of love & good times always with a TMOMs themed group art show. We’re still basking in the glow of this fantastic art show/birthday party, and we’re honored to announce that the newest installment of our Artist Edition Tees is by local artist Rainey, whose piece was handpicked from the amazing selection of art exhibited during TMOMs @ 22!


Rainey is a queer, poc, mixed media artist (& TMOMs t-shirt model) who lives in Philly. Her work explores nature, womxn and mental health through intricate drawings & brightly colored creations.



Her submission to TMOMs @ 22 was inspired by “the fun, creative atmosphere at Tattooed Mom, combined with important social issues.” Plus, “how could [she] miss an opportunity to put a message saying ‘Fuck Trump!’ on an illustration?” You can follow her on Instagram for more designs, collabs, and artsy connections!


This Rainey x Tattooed Mom Artist Edition tee will be released on Thursday 9/12. Available with white ink on a black tee, in a full range of sizes.


Model: Rainey • Photography: Elijah Snyder-Vidmar

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Streets Dept x Tattooed Mom Philly Street Art Interviews: Season 1 Recap

This blossoming interview series is a collaboration between Philadelphia’s premiere street art blog, Streets Dept, and Philadelphia’s unofficial official street art museum, Tattooed Mom! Each month, Streets Dept Contributor Eric Dale sits down with one local street artist to ask them about their work. Through this interview series, we’ll uncover & discover the growing community of street artists getting up around Philly and on the walls of Tattooed Mom.


The first installment of the Philly Street Art Interviews was with Hope Hummingbird, a new voice in the Philly street art community who uses ceramics as her medium. Sparked by the 2016 election, she took to the streets to spread hope through hummingbird plaques, RESIST tiles, and ceramic portraits of important women throughout history.

You can read Hope’s full interview here.


The second installment of the Philly Street Art Interviews was with Philly’s “voice of non-seriousness,” Faithsfunnn! Best known for colorful narwhals & trippy neon cats, her fun-loving work is often in stark contrast with the serious and political street art that can be found on the streets of Philadelphia—but Faithsfunnn still makes a point to play by the rules.

You can read Faithsfunnn’s full interview here.


The next installment of the Philly Street Art Interviews was with the legendary Philly sticker artist, Bob Will Reign. As one of the first sticker artists in Philadelphia, Bob’s work helped shape the face of street art in Philly, & his hand drawn, cutout character made room for hundreds of other sticker artists across our graffitied streets.

You can read Bob Will Reign’s full interview here.


Continuing into the new year, the first installment of 2019 was with pop culture lover & recent South Street business co-owner, Taped Off TV. Most commonly known for her stencil art & spray paint designs, her work spans dozens of mediums including stickers, wheatpastes, skate decks, and of course, VHS tapes.

You can read Taped Off TV’s full interview here.


The penultimate installment of season one was with Low Level, whose plywood street art designs are heavily inspired by punk rock lyrics. Spray painted letters and reclaimed surfaces have become Low Level’s trademarks, and some of his more permanent installations can also be spotted upstairs at Tattooed Mom.

You can read Low Level’s full interview here.


The final installation of season one was with Void Skulls, whose dark, mysterious, looping designs stand out among Philly’s other hand drawn, often character based sticker art. Branching out into linocuts and wheatpastes, their complex and chaotic art is a reflection of the dark yet fascinating underbelly of Philadelphia street art.

You can read Void Skulls’ full interview here, and stay up to date with this continuing series here!

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A Carnival Cooler & Mango Bubble-Rita!

Step right up! Join the fun! You won’t believe your eyes!

The world’s ONLY Tattooed Mom is here to bring you two brand new creative cocktail concoctions! These drinks join Mom’s World Famous line up of cocktail wonder and magic—so try your luck & get your hands on one (or two) today! Come one, come all! Must be 21 years of age or older to enjoy!


Mango Bubble Rita
A showstopping combination of a classic margarita & sweet mango boba! Yes, BOBA! Served with an extra fun large straw, every sip is bursting with sweet, salty, & fruity goodness!
▹ Espolon Blanco Tequila, lime & orange juice, triple sec, mango pearl bubbles, rock salt. ◃


Carnivale Cooler
The Greatest Hand Crafted & House Bottled Cocktail on Earth! This carnivale cocktail is made with fresh watermelon, lime, and mint, and love! Curious! Amazing! Don’t miss out on this party in a bottle!
▹ Brazilian Cachaça, fresh watermelon, lime juice & mint. ◃

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Characters Welcome 8: An International Sticker Art Show

We’re thrilled to announce the call for submissions for Characters Welcome 8: An International Sticker Art Show! We love the community of sticker artists that meet, exchange ideas and leave behind tokens of their amazing art here at Tattooed Mom. Characters Welcome celebrates that community and reaches out to artists all over the world to show their best hand drawn & printed sticker art. Check out some photos from past Characters Welcome shows as well as submissions for this year’s show on our Instagram.


All are welcome to contribute to Characters Welcome 8. First time artists will be shown side by side with the seasoned icons in the street art world. Stickers need not be character based. We prefer hand drawn stickers but printed, silk screened & collaged stickers are also very much welcome.

The stickers will be displayed in a show at Tattooed Mom on Friday, October 18th from 6pm – 2am (21+) and Saturday, October 19th from noon – 4pm (all ages). All stickers will be compiled onto small and large boards and will be available for purchase, as well as a some surplus sticker packs! We’ll have some very special raffle items and rad day-of-show surprises. 100% of ALL sales will go to benefit the inspiring youth local arts programs at The Village of Arts & Humanities and Fleisher Art Memorial, the latter of which hosted a sticker camp this past summer (and the camp took a day trip to put stickers up at Tattooed Mom)!


We hope you will share your sticker art with us and the world through Characters Welcome, and spread the word about the show to your fellow artists, friends, and family. The creative exchange and collaboration of this show is at the very heart of what we love to do here at Mom’s.


UPDATE: The deadline for submissions is Saturday, October 5th, 2019. Please include your artist name, any Instagram or social media handles, and as many stickers as you’d like so we can give you proper credit & share your art with the world! Submissions will not be returned.

Please mail all submissions to:

Characters Welcome

614 S. 4th Street


Philadelphia, PA 19147 U.S.A.

Local artists may also drop off their stickers in person at Tattooed Mom,  530 South Street, Philadelphia.

For more information feel free to contact us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram.


Hope to see you all at Characters Welcome 8 to celebrate the vibrant world of sticker art while helping youth arts programs!

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