SoLow Fest launch party

This is the official launch party for the 8th annual SoLow Fest!  As a do-it yourself theatre festival, SoLow Fest is dedicated to new, experimental work focusing on solo performance with low-maintenance and low-stress.  This year it runs from June 15-25.

Preview some sneak peaks of the performances in the festival, then grab a cold beer and mingle with the performers.

7PM- Hangouts! Bring your postcards (or your buttons or your post-its) with info written on them, and lets all trade.
8PM- Show Sneak Peaks!—- previews of works that are in SoLow Fest!!
9PM-Hangouts continued- get to know each other, and get ready for another great festival!!

Featuring performances by:
Carlos Roa
Steve Gravelle
Jimmy Grezlak
Lilian Ransijn
Kennedy Candra
Jess Conda
Kyra Baker
Tiffany Bunch

$4 Hamburgers & Vegan Burgers until midnight (try our Burger of the Month!)
$2 Narragansett Lager Tall Boys all day
Half off all drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

You Can’t Fail

ANY and ALL art will be presented at this second installment of You Can’t Fail.  First time performers to seasoned veterans are welcomed onto the stage to perform new works including: painting, photography, theater, dance, performance art, comedy, story-telling, poetry, prose, sculpture, ballet, film, stand-up…anything!

Featuring performance art by:
Nate Holt
Emma Goidel
Kilo Martin
Joe Trinkle
Michael Weigand
Jenna Strusowski
Carlos Roa
Celine McBride
Christina Rosso
Adam Rzepka
Josh Millhouse
Walter DeForest

Visual Art by:
Bethanne Frazer
Jean Marie-Tomlin
Amanda Jensen
Sky Semunuk

Hosted by:
Chris Davis

Doors at 7pm
Show at 8pm

$4 Hamburgers & Vegan Burgers until Midnight (Try our new Burger of the Month!)
$2 Narragansett Lager Tall Boys all day
Half off all drafts 10-11pm