Fused Underground: April artist showcase

JERKS Productions brings you FUSED UNDERGROUND! Join us for a night of ART, HORROR & BOOZE as we celebrate First Friday and showcase some of Philadelphia (and surrounding area)’s best local underground artists!

Shayna Feinstein
Frank Percy
Nate Hurst
Glitter Ghost
Amanda Thomas
Lauren Schwind
Qori Moorehaul
Devon Dadoly
Catherine Rahman
No Face Studios
Kevin Diaz
The Sleepy Hahas
Tara Tayan
Catatonik Designer Accessories
A Fairy Soloist Illustrations
Jenna Polascak
Katie Stahl
Martha Wirkijowski
Stephanie Czapla
Jacquie O’ Photography
Raina Rainbow Art
Jeremy Petrachonis
Eirdis Ragnarsdottir
Jessica Gennarelli
Anthony Pepe

FREE Admission!
Half off drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

The Humane League: 88% Campaign art exhibition

The Philadelphia Humane League presents 88 artworks by Philly artists Paula Meninato, Rachel Black & Mahika Gupta to honor of The Humane League’s 88% Campaign, working to improve the cruelest conditions chickens face in the food industry.

Each of the artists are vegan activists, fighting for a more compassionate world .This incredible art show features 88 pieces of art – watercolor paintings, drawings, and sculpture! All artwork is for sale, and every penny earned goes to The Humane League!

Make sure you check out our vegan and vegetarian menu items, and take advantage of our MEATLESS MONDAY specials!
Half off our full Veggie Menu until 10pm (no take out)
Half off all drafts from 5-7 & 10-11pm

Cirque de Freak: art exhibition

Conjoined twins, bearded ladies, pinheads, tall men, and swallowing swordsmen….human marvels whose existence defied explanation. Celebrate the lost art of the freak show with a pop-up art exhibition sponsored by ABD Photography.

Featured artists:
Yona Yurwit
Noelle Haire
Adrianna Wallace
Andrea Brooke
Kelly Mcandrew
TC Gqrdstein
Allison Sharpe
Samantha Blankley
Kimberlee Traub
Shelly Georgopulos
Laura Orfanelli
Bill Ross

-Face and body painting by Joey Taney
Half off drafts from 5-7pm & 10-11pm!