Turn Up the Trans*mission!

Scribble it down in your day planner, smash it into your google calendar, put a note on your fridge and/or ask some friend(s) if they wanna come with you, because deadb0y IX & Turn Up The Transmission are bringing their pre-summer showcase to TMOMs!

Icon Ebony Fierce
Giselle Over
Luzifer Priest
Mercury Hg
Mysti Mew
Ron Binary
deadb0y IX

Hosted by: Vyvyan Sassafrass
Doorpizza: Baked Pizza

Doors at 7, Show at 8.
Any donation benefits the performers (Suggested $5-$15)

Enjoy this event with TMOMs’ Pierogi Thursday specials:
50¢ pierogi from noon-10pm
& half off all drafts 5-7pm and 10-11pm

Join the Facebook Event and invite all your pals!

Turn up the Trans*mission: 1 year anniversary show!!

One year later and still going strong!!!

Combining trans* advocacy with live performance, Turn Up the Trans*mission has featured local and visiting transgender and/or gender non-conforming artists, and strives to introduce new performers to their lineup every show. Burlesque, drag, live-singing, spoken word, and other performance styles…this varied collection of artists has a purpose.

Featuring performances by:
Bugalu Boogie
deadb0y IX
Essa Terick
Genome Kelly
Icon Ebony Fierce
Lady Baphomae
Vanity UnFair
WORDZ (Wordz the poet emcee)

Turn up the Trans*mission aims to create a space for trans* identified performers to express their art without fear of prejudice, to create awareness and share their experiences in order to break down barriers of bigotry.

Doors at 7, Show at 8.
Pay-what-you-will admission..100% of this goes to the performers!!

50¢ pierogi until 10pm (they’re VEGAN!!)
Half off all drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

QueerSpace: November Madness!

QueerSpace is back! Philly’s wildest LGBTQIA+ variety show returns to Tattooed Mom with the best in drag, burlesque, music, dancing &spoken word!

This month, they’re raising money for the Attic Youth Center. Samantha Genesis brings you our November Madness show, featuring new talent and familiar faces!

Khaki Capri
Icon Ebony-Fierce
Zephyra Rivers
Minnow Future
Fae Tantra
Ron Binary
Sadi St. Freak
Areola Grande
Kitty Devereaux
Dante Alexander
Lavinia Loveless
Sven Inches
Dee Composed

Turn Up the Trans*mission

Combining trans* advocacy with live performance, Turn Up the Trans*mission is a variety show with no equal. Including burlesque, drag, live-singing, spoken word, and other performance styles, this varied collection focuses on community building and visibility!

Rivolta Sata/Manikk Arte (International)
Krymson Scholar (NYC)
Dalyla Mizani
Ron Binary
Zoe Loft
Shell Myers
Oliver Rose

Hosted by deadb0y and Vyvyan.

This event is open to ALL genders and sexualities!
Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm
FREE admission, but a suggested donation of $5 – $10 would be greatly appreciated!

50¢ pierogi until 10pm
Half off all drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

Queerspace: August edition!

Queerspace returns as Philly’s weirdest LGBTQIA+ charity variety supershow! Featuring drag, burlesque, musicians, and performance art! All door donations go to the amazing Attic Youth Center!

Hosted/produced by:
Samantha Genesis!

Featuring performances by:
Khaki Capri
Areola Grande
Deadboy IX
Jay Coxxx
Zephyra Rivers
Ron Binary
Dante Alexander
Kitty Devereaux
Fae Tantra
Fagl Roq

Music by: Dee Composed

Show at 8pm, doors at 7

50¢ pierogi until 10pm
Half off all drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

Pizza Performance Art Showcase

THIS is the Pizza Performance Art Showcase that you never knew you needed!

Join in on the merriment as artists and performers pay homage to this perfect food of the gods, all the while supporting a great cause, the PMA Bike Ride, a band of bikers who give pizza to the homeless in Philadelphia.

Pizza Wolf
Cheesus Crust (ruthless)
Lulu Blue
Lyla Rose
Giselle Over
Iguana B. Lyzard

Pizza themed shirts available by Mae Rose.

Pizza art by Brittany Pezzilo

Featuring a SURPRISE host!

FREE arts & crafts downstairs all night.
$2 Pabst Blue Ribbon 16oz. pounders and 1/2 price tater tots after 7pm.
Half off all drafts from 5-7pm and 10-11pm!

You Can’t Fail

ANY and ALL art will be presented at this second installment of You Can’t Fail.  First time performers to seasoned veterans are welcomed onto the stage to perform new works including: painting, photography, theater, dance, performance art, comedy, story-telling, poetry, prose, sculpture, ballet, film, stand-up…anything!

Featuring performance art by:
Nate Holt
Emma Goidel
Kilo Martin
Joe Trinkle
Michael Weigand
Jenna Strusowski
Carlos Roa
Celine McBride
Christina Rosso
Adam Rzepka
Josh Millhouse
Walter DeForest

Visual Art by:
Bethanne Frazer
Jean Marie-Tomlin
Amanda Jensen
Sky Semunuk

Hosted by:
Chris Davis

Doors at 7pm
Show at 8pm

$4 Hamburgers & Vegan Burgers until Midnight (Try our new Burger of the Month!)
$2 Narragansett Lager Tall Boys all day
Half off all drafts 10-11pm

Queerspace 7

Queerspace RETURNS for more madness!

Visual art, performance art, body positivity, burlesque, comedy, poetry, bravery, panache, and TRASH come together to educate and entertain!  Join in on the fun as you open your mind!

This unforgettable evening benefits Planned Parenthood, so you’re partying for a GREAT cause! Come early to get your food orders in and hang out with these bodacious weirdos!

deadb0y ix
Buttstacular Garlic Clove
Areola Grande
Khaki Capri
Samantha Genesis
Travis Tea
Jenny Streetpizza
RJ Nunes
Dee Composed
…and your host, Maximus Prime

Pay-what-you-can (Minimum $1)
Doors at 7, show to follow.

$5 Hallucinating Pluto speciality cocktails (Coconut Rum, Amaro, pineapple, and MAGIK) only available at Queerspace!
$4 Hamburgers & Vegan Burgers until midnight (Try the BURGER OF THE MONTH!)
$2 Narragansett Lager Tall Boys all day
Half off all drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

You Can’t Fail

An evening of new works including: painting, photography, theater, dance, performance art, comedy, story-telling, poetry, prose, sculpture, ballet, film, stand-up, ANY and ALL art will be presented!  Whether you’ve performed before or not, ‘professional’ or ‘amateur’, YOU CAN’T FAIL!  Art presented at this event may be in-progress, a new idea, a favorite poem, a bedtime story, etc.

Scheduled performers will be presenting throughout the event.

Featuring the art of Kelly Campanile, Bobby McManus, Noah, and Steven Richard.