Crime & Cookies

Andrea Duffy and Gina Gennari are the hosts of Crime and Cookies, the show where they talk about crime and eat cookies!

Crime and Cookies is the newest spin on true crime. Every month, Andrea, Gina and a special guest will focus on one or more real-life cases of victims who have survived a violent crime. They’ll dive into the details and explore what it is that enables survivors to persevere in the face of terror. Is it quick reflexes, wit, sheer luck, or something else? The panel will dissect and weigh in on all the details. They’ll also discuss how we all can better protect ourselves in every day life. The show will include quizzes about things like crime stories and survival techniques to make the audience feel a little more prepared for the crazy world outside—and there’ll be cookies! After all, who doesn’t want to eat comfort food after a good true crime story?! At the end of the show, they’ll reveal the results of a psychopathy test that the guest panelist will have taken prior to the show—the results will be killer!

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