May The Fierce Be With You: A Star Wars Drag & Burlesque Tribute!

Do you fantasize about racing Skyhoppers with your pal Biggs on the desert planet of Tatooine? Ever wonder why a Tauntaun’s innards resemble white cheddar cheese curls more than actual organs? Have you ever been called a “stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder?” Do you like the taste of blue milk? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you CANNOT miss our MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU celebration of all things Star Wars!


DOORS @ 9:30PM + SHOW @ 10PM


Join host, Balena Canto (and super fan) along with an amazing cast of performers as we celebrate, geek out, and bring your favorite Star Wars characters to life in this drag and burlesque tribute to one of the greatest sci-fi sagas of our time!


In addition to the performances, we will be having Star Wars themed trivia and games where YOU can play to win PRIZES! Plus, TMoms has created an extra special Mandalorian Punch available for our event!



Hostess with Mostess: Balena Canto (Matthew Maisano)


Allyria Everlasting
Esmerelda May
Renaissance Noir
& Venus Mystique


Wherever you are in the galaxy, we hope you’ll stop by our little Cantina and join in the fun!


Tattooed Mom will be serving tasty eats and ice cold drinks all evening.
Upstairs dining, bar access, and event entry is 21+ w/ valid ID.

Drag Gavin Drag: A Dance Gavin Dance Tribute

“What’s your favorite Dance Gavin Dance song?
(Note: You can’t say Semi-Charmed Life.)

Made by & for the fans, come enjoy a night of DRAG and BURLESQUE in tribute to one of your (and our) favorite bands, Dance Gavin Dance!

Featuring seven local performers & drag artists, each portraying their own interpretation, tribute, or version of different DGD tracks! There will also be a surprise at the end of the show for all the new fans & not-yet fans!


Doors 8pm // Show 9pm

Beary Tyler Moore
Lorna Doom
deadb0y IX
Hannibal Lickher
Sir Donyx
Tiffany Uma Mascara

Hosted By: Lorna Doom

Produced By: Beary Tyler Moore, Lorna Doom and deadb0y IX


All Donations and Tips go toward paying the Cast and Crew. This event is NOTAFLOF and 21+. Please bring proper ID to ensure entry!


Enjoy this event with our Meatless Monday specials:
1/2 off our full veggie menu noon-10pm
& half price drafts 5-7pm and 10-11pm

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Get In, It’s An “Adult Swim” Drag Show!

Long ago before there was Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, people were stuck watching cable TV and suffered through whatever was playing at the time. Many insomniacs and late-night party people were driven to watch either Nick at Nite reruns or infomercials when the clock struck midnight. Then a beacon of hope emerged from the brilliant minds at Cartoon Network to create young adult programming for those of us still fighting off Mr. Sandman.

With shows like Family Guy, Dethklok, Futurama, Robot Chicken, the Oblongs, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and more, Adult Swim has become an ethos in entertainment!

Come join us as we celebrate these shows & more as our Dragsters bring them to life on the stage. As with any Curiosities of Drag production, there will be games, prizes, a raffle, and more fun than should be legal!

Doors 7pm // Show 8pm
21+ w/ valid ID
$5 donation, but NOTAFLOF
♥️Tips Appreciated♥️

Hosts: Claire Voy-Annz and Buster V. Giner

Performances By:
Kotton Queen
Jon Bonet Trelurtrash
Easton Lux
Lady La’Shay

Kitten: Babe Ruthless

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Welcome to the Jungle: An Animal Themed Drag Show!

These performances will bring you to your shun n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n knees, knees!

Come on out and devour the night with hosts Claire Voy-Annz and Buster V. Giner as they showcase some of the city’s most original and creative Dragsters. The styles you will see are all unique & come from a place of sheer imagination and artistry! This event is an ANIMAL INSPIRED DRAG SHOW that challenges the performers to showcase a look and performance based around their chosen animal!

Doors 7:15 pm // Show 8pm

Suggested $10 donation
21+ w/ valid ID
♥️Tips Appreciated♥️

Nile Raven
Kitty Skittlepump
Gamma Rae
Kotton Queen
Dahlia Dahmer
Henlo Bullfrog

Enjoy this event with our Burger Wednesday specials:
$4 Mom’s Beef Burgers & Mom’s Vegan Burgers,
$2 Narragansett Lager Tall Boys,
a special Burger of the Month,
& half price drafts 5-7pm and 10-11pm

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