PMA Bike Ride: Art Show & Blanket Drive

Celebrate PMA Joe’s birthday by helping those less fortunate.  It’s cold and people on the street could def use blankets, so bring your extra blankets or throw some money towards helping to buy some!

Silent Auction!
Loads of art to buy!

Featuring works of art by:
Rob Leef
Jess Craine
Chris Baker Evans photo 
Low Level
Kelly Campanile
Cum Mask
Alex Ciambriello
New Castro photo
Okra Windfree
Nathan Hurst
Rachel Lopez
Nicole Saltzer

The PMA Bike Ride is a charity bike ride that delivers smiles and pizza to the hungry on the streets. Now an official non-profit! With so much negativity in the world we need to do everything we can to be the change and spread PMA.

Grave Hallucinations: pop up art show

a perception in the absence of external stimulus that has qualities of real perception…awake but dreaming…visions of beyond

Your experience is yours alone at the Grave Hallucination group art show.

Kelly Campanile
Matt Slime
Jodi Cachia
Nora Egloff
Laura Vosberg
Laura Nunzi
Corey Valuck
Leah Sabatelli
Barrett Wulderk
Fred Grabosky
Breezy Tucker
Jacqui Powell
Maryrose Runk
Rachel Reinsfelder
Freshie Juice
Evan Void
Ken Kalesnik
Carmen Turner

50¢ pierogi until 10pm
Half off all drafts 5-7 & 10-11pm

Walpurgisnacht Group Art Show

Join the Walpurgisnacht Group as these local Philadelphia artists showcase fascinating and enchanting artistic interpretations of an ancient springtime celebration.  Loosely translated as “Witches’ Night”, Walpurgisnacht is a 17th century German tradition celebrating the magic of the springtime.

Featuring fine art by:

Leah Sabatelli
Scott Kirschner
Rachel Gallo
Corey Valuck
Laura Nunzi
Bob Burns Stokes
Nicole diPonziano
Nora Egloff
Matt Slime
Kelly Campanile
Aaron Franceon
Katie Hidalgo
Page Hamerick
Hannah Taylor
Steve Cleff
Chris Mayfield
Bridgette O’Dowd
Kate Collins
Buddy Nestor
Rachael Bridge
Kenneth Kalesnik
Sean Jenkins
Laura Vosberg
Kristi Walls
John Kerns

Half off all drafts 5-7pm & 10-11pm!

You Can’t Fail

Event flyer for You Can't Fail, an evening of live performance, art in all forms, and works in progress.

An evening of new works including: painting, photography, theater, dance, performance art, comedy, story-telling, poetry, prose, sculpture, ballet, film, stand-up, ANY and ALL art will be presented!  Whether you’ve performed before or not, ‘professional’ or ‘amateur’, YOU CAN’T FAIL!  Art presented at this event may be in-progress, a new idea, a favorite poem, a bedtime story, etc.

Scheduled performers will be presenting throughout the event.

Featuring the art of Kelly Campanile, Bobby McManus, Noah, and Steven Richard.