You Can’t Fail: Autumn edition

An evening of new works including: visual art, photography, theater, dance, performance art, comedy, story-telling, poetry, prose, sculpture, ballet, film, stand-up, ANY and ALL art will be presented.

Featuring new works by:
Tenara Calem
Alexandra Tatarsky

Rachel O’Hanlon Rodriguez
Britny Brooks
Bethanne Frazer
Andy Futuro
Harlee Trautman & Marya-Captan
Walter Michael DeForest
Kay Bee & Val Dunn

Benjamin Kunkle
Stephanie Wesolosky
Simon the Cannibal
Jenna Strusowski 
Kevin Meehan 
Mykal Carter-Jackson
Phil Forrest
Tim Lynch
Alex Vogelsong
Christina Rosso
Neil Bardhan
Doug Williams
Maryan Captan
Becca Kahlil
Michael McJilton

Doors 7pm, Show starts at 8