DINNERMOVIE: Craving (Short Film) Premiere Screening

The DINNERVERSE is returning to to Tattooed Mom with CRAVING!

Join us for a special premiere screening of the latest short film in the popular horror-action-comedy anthology series. Directed and written by local filmmaker Aleksandra Svetlichnaya. Filmed in Philly. Can be enjoyed on its own without having seen any/all previous films in the series!


Aleksandra Svetlichnaya
Ricardo Segarra
Joshua Kachnycz
Cyrus Samson
Liz Wiest
Geoffrey Boggs
& Geremy Webne-Behrman

Film Synopsis:
Clarhke Jórelle is hungry to become the next great comic book author…or at least he would be, had he ever made one. But when his fed-up girlfriend gives him a magic sketchbook to help with his writer’s block- things take a turn for the strange and unusual.

Enjoy this event with Tattooed Mom’s full food & drink menu,
plus $2.50 Miller High Life & half price tots from 7pm ’til midnight,
& half price drafts from 5-7pm & 10-11pm

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DINNVERVERSE “Hors D’oeuvre” Premiere

The next course in the DINNERVERSE is served!

Come enjoy “Hors D’oeuvre” (aka “DINNERMOVIE5”) during this premiere screening at Tattooed Mom on Sunday April 7th at 7pm.

This film is “A Quiet Place” meets the #TimesUp movement. Shot with vintage cameras on 16mm film, with a sweeping original score and a 100% female cast and crew, “Hors D’oeuvre” is a truly unique short film! (Bonus: the film was also shot entirely in the Philadelphia area!)


During a road trip three girlfriends are stranded in a strange town where no one will utter a word. They soon learn that the town is cursed and they must use their collective power to stop the monster haunting it.


Enjoy half price drafts before and after this event from 5-7pm and 10-11pm
plus $2 PBR tall boys & half price tots 7pm-close!

This event is 21+ w/ID and FREE ADMISSION – so bring a friend and join us for a different kind of Sunday night meal! Join the Facebook Event and invite all your pals!