Philadelphia Podcast Festival

The Philadelphia Podcasting Society is bringing 28 podcasts here for LIVE show recordings during the Philadelphia Podcast Festival!  This fest, featuring mostly Philly local podcasts, will run throughout the city from July 14-23.  Meet the voices behind your favorite podcast, or find a new show altogether!

Here are the podcasts being recorded LIVE at Tattooed Mom during the run of the fest.  Stop by to check them out, and buy a drink for your favorite podcast stars!

Saturday, July 15
1:00pm The Voice of the Free Planet X
2:00pm Shady Little Hour
3:00pm Your Weekly Top Six
4:00pm The Lazy Banana
5:00pm The Blacklisted Podcast
6:00pm Lulu and Pop
7:00pm Get Up in the Cool

Sunday, July 16
1:00pm Doom Thugs
2:00pm Everything is Awesome
3:00pm Wake the F Up Podcast
4:00pm How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?
5:00pm A Skyrim Addict
6:00pm Dissecting the 80s
7:00pm Highlander Rewatched

Saturday, July 22
1:00pm The Broad Street Bully
2:00pm Stay Talking Ish
3:00pm The Broad Street Line
4:00pm Jawn Appetit
5:00pm Nerds with Words
6:00pm TBD
7:00pm Twisted Philly

Sunday, July 23
1:00pm Full Belly Laughs
2:00pm PartyNerdz
3:00pm The Idiots
4:00pm Give and Take
5:00pm RoyalTea
6:00pm Black Girls Laughing
7:00pm Black Tribbles